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Idioma: Inglés
Idioma reglas: Inglés, ESP
Año de edición: 2010
Edad recomendada: 12+
Núm. jugadores: 1-5
Duración aprox.: 60-90 min

"Mousquetaires du Roy" is based on the novel "The three Musketeers" from Alexandre Dumas.

The Musketeers (a team of one to four players) are fighting against Milady to find the Queen's pendants before the end of the game. Meanwhile, they also have to defeat the plots in several places (Le Louvre, La Rochelle...).

A turn begins with Milady playing plots/cards, and secretely programming a destination.

Then, each musketeer (D'Artagnan, Portos, Aramis or Athos) has 3/4 actions to perform amongst: move, draw a card, get equipments, exchange cards/equipments, do a challenge in one of his 4 characteristics, perform a fight against one of Richelieu's guards, reinforce La Rochelle... Milady can also reveal herself and send Rochefort to fight the Musketeers.

The game includes rules for an AI-controlled Milady and can therefore be played as a pure co-op.

One against all, all against one.



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